Do you have digital art in Bulgaria?

Digital technologies transform many of the traditional forms of art, and phenomena such as internet art, digital art installation and virtual reality have become quite normal artistic practices today in the world. How does digital art thrive in Buglie with a single festival dedicated to him – DA Fest? We decided to talk to his

Art and digital technologies meet in Varna in August

Art and digital technologies meet in Varna in August In August, the open network for the development of digital business in Bulgaria EDIT and its newest partner Google go on a national tour in the big cities of the country There they will meet digital and classical entrepreneurs and will enrich each other’s knowledge and

Types of paint

What is painting? The paint is a fluid product that after being applied on a surface in thin layers, is transformed into a solid film that adheres to said surface, coating, protecting and decorating the element on which it has been applied. The paints can be classified into two large groups: water and solvent. Solvent

10 nuances of digitization

Digitization, innovation and entrepreneurship are among the favorite topics in the election campaign this time. In some cases, promises seem totally in line with European policies to promote digitally driven economies – e-governance, research, promotion of start-ups through various financial instruments, etc. In others, “developing development” appears to be a patch in programs. Significantly differ

Literature is the soft power of a state

 The Miscellaneous Being of Literature-Discussion – MOVE.BG Literature is the soft power of a country and writers are the best ambassadors of Bulgarian culture abroad, the participants in the discussion of MOVE.BG “The Unsuccessful Being of Literature” were categorical, which took place on 26 November at the House of MOVE.BG . For writers of books

How naive should you be to make art in Bulgaria?

On April 7th, we gathered on our next Evening Evenings to look for the answer to the above question and to hear stories from several inspiring people who linked their professional and personal lives to culture. Not that which is, but the living culture of the present, that which is happening here and now. The

Independent art with public funds

In March in Burgas will be announced the first 2015 session of the Fund for Co-financing Cultural Projects of Burgas Municipality. Evidence of the possibility of interaction between civil society and local authorities Over the past year, 13 of its artistic and curatorial projects have been approved under its Rules of Procedure in various fields

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Valencia is suitable for a visit at any time of the year, with its good location and warm climate, allowing you to escape from the winter for at least a while. One of the most impressive places you must visit when you are in Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences ! This city