‘Isn’t everything just a sniff test now?’ said hotel duty manager Maria at Sandown as environmental inspectors toured the hotel, later giving it a 1-star food hygiene rating.

The Isle of Wight Council environmental health team visited the Culver Parade establishment in Sandown on May 24 and found 5 serious faults in the operation of the hotel, 3 of which related to inspections previous ones held in 2017 and 2018.

Inspectors found they were not implementing effective monitoring procedures at critical points – an issue that dated back to an inventory control issue raised in 2017.

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During the inspection, officers found foodstuffs with an incorrect date, such as a large container of tuna mayonnaise with an expired date of 8 days, which had been used to prepare packed lunches of tuna salad. tuna.

The chief and duty manager reportedly had no intention of taking corrective action until asked to do so, with the duty manager shedding light on the situation by saying: ‘It’s not all right. doesn’t it boil down to a sniff test now?

Other issues they found included that the dilution of hand and surface sanitizers used was often due to guesswork rather than precise measurement – ​​again an issue raised in previous inspections . There was also a lack of sinks throughout the property with no sink available in the main kitchen. Also, the panels were not properly fixed to the wall in the kitchen and the layout of the kitchen was poor and did not allow for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Hotel Maria is currently for sale.

Food Hygiene Assessment – Door Scores

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Compliance with hygiene and food safety procedures – 10
Compliance with structural requirements – 10
Confidence in management/control procedures – 20

Total rating: 40 (1 rating)

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