Apollo Tires Receives 5 Star Rating for LCV Tires


As India begins the journey towards tire “star rating” in the country,
Apollo Tyres, the world’s leading tire manufacturer, has become the first company to receive 5
stars for its Apollo brand of radial tires for light trucks. Several 16-inch Apollo Endurace RA SKUs
and LD have received a Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) 5-star rating, while few
of them also received 4 stars.
Commenting on the same,
Satish Sharma, President, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa
(APMEA), Apollo Tires Ltd.
said “BEE’s labeling program provides customers with information
on fuel/energy savings, and helps them make an informed purchase decision. The savings on
fuel/energy, which is the highest cost for this category of consumers, optimizes their
running cost. We are the leaders in the CV category, especially in light truck radials,
and this number of stars would help us to dominate the segment more. »
Apollo Tires pioneered light truck tubeless tire technology a decade ago, and
also simultaneously developed tube-type all-steel radial tires for light commercial vehicles,
depending on market requirements. Given the increasing pace of infrastructure development
and subsequent demands in high-speed applications, these radial tires overcome the
Bias tire limits in terms of mileage, durability and tire life.
The tube type radial range includes Apollo EnduRace RA, which is for steering axle or all wheel
mounting, and Apollo EnduRace LD for mounting the drive axle. These variants meet all
regional transport needs of national customers, having 4×2 trucks up to 9 tons
load capacity, for their short and long haul applications across the country. In
In addition to trucks, these tires are also preferred equipment in the passenger segment
for schools and tourist buses. The company also supplies these tires to major OEMs
like Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, VECV and Mahindra.
The Steer/All wheel tread pattern, EnduRace RA is designed with a sinusoidal groove base with
ribs taper to provide better stability and control for vehicle maneuvers and low roll
resistance. Anti-stress sipes facilitate even wear, while optimized contact
pressure reduces noise. The EnduRace LD tread is designed with
heavy duty blocks providing drive axle traction in heavy load applications with mild wear,
reduced heat and better resistance to cuts and chips. The carcasses of these tires are manufactured
with tension-optimized cords, with less fatigue, to maximize durability for multiple lives
performance. The superior combination of compound, pattern design and casing durability –
produce these 5-star rated tires with better fuel efficiency, giving the desired value for money to
every customer, and allowing them to go the distance without compromising on the
mileage and durability


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