Beacon Roofing Supply joins stock rank with composite rating of over 95


Beacon roofing supply (BECN) saw its IBD SmartSelect Composite Rating rise to 96 on Thursday from 93 the previous day.

The new score tells you that the company now outperforms 96% of all stocks in terms of the most important fundamental and technical stock picking criteria. The biggest gainers in the market often have odds of 95 or higher at the start of a new price run, so it’s a good place to start when looking for the best stocks to buy and watch.

Beacon Roofing Supply is not currently near a suitable point of purchase. Look for the stock to form and break out of a new chart pattern.

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The stock has an EPS rating of 94, meaning its recent quarterly and annual earnings growth exceeds 94% of all stocks.

Its accumulation/distribution rating of B- shows moderate buying by institutional investors over the past 13 weeks.

The company announced a 44% increase in profits for the second quarter. Revenue growth was 26%, compared to 28% in the prior quarter.

Beacon Roofing Supply ranks 3rd among its peers in the retail/wholesale building products industry group. Titan Machinery (TITN) is the No. 1 action within the group.


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