Berenberg Bank reiterates its rating on Relx (LON:REL). –


Bloomberg reports that equity research analysts at Berenberg Bank reaffirmed their “hold” rating on shares of Relx plc (LON: REL) in a research note sent to clients and investors on Friday. Additionally, they set their price target for the stock at 2,330 GBX, or $28.15 at the current exchange rate. Based on the target price set by Berenberg Bank, the stock price could rise 7.27% more than it is currently worth.
Research articles on the company written by other equity research analysts have recently been published. These articles were written relatively recently. Credit Suisse Group said in a research note published on Tuesday, August 16, August 16 that the price target for Relx is set at 2,805 GBX ($33.89). They expected the stock to reach that price. According to the findings of a research note published by JPMorgan Chase & Co. on July 25, it was determined that the price target for Relx should be 2,800 GBX ($33.83). Goldman Sachs Group predicted the price of Relx to reach 2,825 GBX ($34.13) in a research report released by the company on Wednesday, August 3. According to the findings of a study conducted by UBS Group and made available to the public on Monday, August 29, the price target for Relx is estimated at 2,700 GBX ($32.62). The research note that Barclays published on September 16-16 had several recommendations, one of which set a price target for Relx at 2,785 GBX ($33.65), which was not the least of its suggestions. . Three market watchers gave the stock a buy rating, which is above the recommendation of the two industry professionals to maintain the company’s position in its portfolio. Bloomberg says the company’s average rating is “Moderate Buy” and the company’s average price target is 2,554.38 GBX, or about $30.86.
On Friday, LON: REL shares were trading at 2,172 GBX ($26.24), which was the opening price. The market value of the company is 41.69 billion pounds and its price to earnings ratio is 2,685.19. Both of these measures indicate that the company is valuable. The debt ratio is calculated at 189.53, the quick ratio is calculated at 0.45 and the current ratio is calculated at 0.51. During its 52-week trading range, Relx’s price hit an all-time high of 2,474 GBX ($29.89) and an all-time low of 2,056 GBX ($24.84). The company’s simple moving average over the last 50 days is 2,330.98 GBX, and the company’s simple moving average over the last 200 days is 2,299.42 GBX.
RELX PLC provides information-based analysis and decision-making tools to meet the requirements of professional and enterprise customers in North America, Europe and other regions of the world. This organization is made up of a total of four functional sections, which are designated as follows: risk, scientific, technical and medical; legal; and exhibitions. Clients have access to information-based analysis and decision-making tools through the enterprise risk division. This is done to help customers assess and predict risk. These solutions use public and private information, as well as the latest technological advances and industry-specific content.


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