Born Again is reportedly aiming for a TV-MA rating


Marvel Studios’ upcoming Daredevil: Born Again is set to follow in the Netflix series’ footsteps with a TV-MA rating.

Daredevil: Born Againthe next soft-reboot from Netflix and Marvel daredevil series, will aim for the equivalent of TV’s R rating, according to an industry insider.

“East daredevil going to be TV-MA?” a fan on Twitter asked industry insider Daniel Ricthman. Richtman, a proven source of reliable leakers, gave a simple one-word answer: “Likely.” This revelation should please fans of the original show. the old daredevil The series breaks away from typical Marvel fare with its gritty, realistic portrayal of violence and the physical and emotional toll Daredevil takes on Matt Murdock, the man behind the mask. A TV-MA rating should allow showrunners to push Daredevil: Born Again Even further.

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The fan also asked Richtman if any other upcoming Marvel Studios projects like Echo, Love at first sight, BladeWhere Agatha: Chaos Coven would have similar ratings (TV-MA for TV shows and an R rating for movies), to which Richtman gave another succinct answer: “No.” However, Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently expressed his desire to expand the Disney brand into more mature content, so Daredevil: Born Again may actually signal the start of a new trend for Marvel and Disney. “I want to respect what this brand is,” Chapek said. “But at the same time, I know we can be even more valuable about what ‘Disney’ is than the consumer base. If the consumer base has more elasticity, we should probably listen to our audience, which means that we have more degrees of freedom than we probably thought.”

Disney+ is slowing down the addition of more mature content

In another sign of a shift in attitude, Disney+ recently added its first two R-rated films to the platform: dead Pool and Logan. dead Pool and Deadpool 2 were already famous for pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable in a Marvel blockbuster, and no doubt the massive success of those films helped convince the studios to continue churning out content that would appeal to that audience. Ryan Reynolds, always the prankster, joked that some Disney classics like old crier, Bambi and The Lion King should “already be classified R for irreversible trauma”.

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The return of actor Charlie Cox’s Daredevil to Netflix was largely thanks to the fan-driven “Save Daredevil” campaign on social media. Since daredevil was canceled in 2018, dedicated fans lobbied Marvel to bring Cox back as New York’s most famous blind brawler. Cox recently expressed how much the campaign has helped him and how grateful he is for it, saying, “Whatever happens to my career from now on, I owe a lot of it to the ‘Save’ campaign. Daredevil “.”

Daredevil: Born Again is set to premiere on Disney+ in the spring of 2024 and will run for 18 episodes.

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