California theme parks to full capacity in the June cleared

California’s theme parks, including Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood are given the green light to full capacity beginning June 15, when the state plans to raise Blueprint Safer Economy and the fully open.

According to the Department of Health COVID, 19 of the revised guidelines, theme parks, sporting events, concerts and music festivals, or food, car shows, marathons and parades are considered “mega events”, or rather, with more than 10,000 people desire. Also falling under the “mega events” are the kind of indoor events, with more than 5,000 attendees, including meetings, conferences, Expos sporting events and concerts.

Disneyland TO HAND OVER $ 100 SANDWICH

Relay all members of the institute “Sure mega” fully know the attendees were vaccinated either negatively or consolidate manufacturing film was remarkable. But pay attention to not to have known of the state of the vaccination does not, however, be allowed to enter at all, even though they are there, they have to be encouraged to put on her own. It is required that the venues are available for each of the persons of attendees.

Meanwhile verification of the status fully vaccinated or pre-test negative entry is required for all attendees entering the mainstream venues. To put on the sharing of information, including reservation and ticketing systems, so guests are aware of the need for testing and vaccination. All eyes follow the leadership Attendees CDPH themselves.

Pre-entry battle for 72 hours before the visit. PCR and gene tests are both acceptable. Whether it is printed, you must bring guests, email or a text message or laboratory test provider. Those who bring up the photo and a vaccine be vaccinated the vaccination card card. Business and venue operators can also use the “I” in the registration of the place of purchase or on the day of the entry ticket to the event venue, and John likewise.

Disney eases the requirement Wings MASK

The announcement was made by Health and Human Services Secretary’s call Dr. Ghaly mark with reporters Friday.

Ghaly is also said that in this not yet the hour is coming, in the statewide California is the vaccine a woman in the state of the passport out of the journey and comfort us, and to all the restrictions lifted. Some travel restrictions will be in the future at 500 guidelines Alignment.

“This does not mean that the local public health authorities, local health assembly can not, or not much more rigorous regime of conditions in the region,” Ghaly added. “Some businesses want to know something truly level verification of vaccination patrons developer. It would have been banished, but the power in the operational plan, and be ready’re trying to help people who wish to do so thoughtfully and justice.”

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Furthermore Ghaly empahiszed California, which is “in place of a pandemic where it is needed but is not needed for the foreseeable future.”

And note, to recognize the state guards and the rulers, and to determine if the health of the public have regard to the safety of are two additional closely related to their own needs.

The revised guidance will be run on July 1 and reassessed and updated on July 1 as needed.

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