Ceat achieves five-star BEE rating for car and SUV tires


Ceat Tires has announced that it has begun complying with the new BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) tire rating standards and has already received 5 stars for its premium passenger car tire platform.

This development follows the Centre’s recently launched Star labeling program for tires that meet the regulatory standard. This is administered by BEE which awards stars based on the performance of domestically produced tires in tests conducted by NABL accredited laboratories. From the test results, a tire’s star rating is assigned, based on the rolling resistance coefficient (while meeting minimum wet grip requirements).

Arnab Banerjee, COO, CEAT Tyres, said: “It is encouraging and a source of satisfaction that for several platforms of our premium car tires for sedans and SUVs, we have achieved the 5-star certification issued by BEE. . This is a vindication of our continuous efforts to manufacture quality tires for our customers. Star ratings provide a transparent, industry-wide benchmark for a customer to compare and make an informed decision when purchasing new tires.

To date, the BEE star label is in the voluntary phase. The star rating program is expected to become mandatory from January 2023. However, CEAT Tires has proactively started to comply with the certification process.

5-star ratings have already been awarded by BEE to several ranges of high-end tires manufactured by CEAT Tyres. These are SportDrive SUV tires, SecuraDrive tires for premium SUVs and sedans, and CrossDrive tires. Tire star ratings are similar to star ratings given to durable consumer goods, such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

The expected BEE rating, once it becomes binding, will be applicable to almost all radial tire categories, with the exception of agricultural and earthmoving categories.

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