Disney and snap their new Snapchat introduced by the lens Before Disney’s 50th Anniversary

Walt Disney

The world is gearing up to celebrate their 50th anniversary on October 1, 2021. As part of the 18-month celebration Disney also announced a new partnership with Disney’s PhotoPass and snap their service, which allow guests to Disney parks and Pompey and Dolabella internet images of the marks as this increase and Minnie mouse on Snapchat mainstream hardware.

Disney and partnership between the snap Disney allowed to continue to build what they call a “theme park metaverse,” Where terms of physical between reality and the reality digital seen. As part of the anniversary of the 50th, Disney PhotoPass Service really need Snap transform Cinderella Castle Magic the kingdom of helping to Disney app use, which is a planning tool for Disney vacations. Guests will be able to use the photos taken by the trip and place them in the members Disney cast of Cinderella Castle in ancient custom. I look forward to visitors through the camera lens of the app and they will be able to see photos captured by one of the Mosaic PhotoPass big help anniversary to celebrate.

It is reported that the form is the Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Snapchat the Lenses are available until June 3, ‘that’, then did they become exclusive to the Disney through the Snapchat app. Snapchat users can also go to the Walt Disney as much as any more, you may expect the Lenses is more and more being made a pattern are available throughout the whole of the celebration of the milestone anniversary is an absolute necessity.

In which he was far from wishing to ancient custom thing, there can help them to overcome the enriching and of the records, which are already present in the Disney Park I love Star Wars: The Galaxy’s Edge at the Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, an upcoming Avengers field of the Disney California Adventure it could be a game-changer to the Disney. We are able to interact with the iron man that you’re tired of a web Right Hand use Tony Stark in the blaster strength from the iron man’s suit or having porg land on the shoulder of the fictional Star Wars planet Batu able to make memories that last a life and Disney brand to deepen their connection with loyal fans.

Disney pugnat usque ad mortem, sicut ad finem, et in id quod est possibile in augmentata virtualis re manifestum est quod non posuit in permittens ad mutuam cum convivae sunt, sive notam in parcis vel domi sedebat. So it’s clear that Disney is also looking for more and more technology into their everyday theme parks for guests to visit, because even now the love of use apps as Snapchat.

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