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Disneyland Paris opens next week.

Disney Park

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Iconic Disney has finally reopened its original theme park, Disneyland in California and announced the opening of the day June 17 at Disneyland Paris. They were locked up in the infinity of its global theme parks in the Walt Disney, And due to the rapid spread COVID-19 In early 2020, starting from Shanghai Disneyland and the Hong Kong Disneyland in January last year. Tokyo Disney Resort is followed by a late February 2020, when Disneyland Paris, Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Closing 12 March, 2020.

Here again, you can open the Paris Disneyland – and what’s to be done at Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disney, Shanghai, Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris, reopening June 17, 2021

Disneyland Paris Includes reopened July 15-Aug. 29, 2020

Paris Disneyland and will be reopening June 17, including the intake of new cars Road Trip to Disney Studios Park, as well as Disney’s Disney Village in Monmouthshire Bay hotel and shopping and dining area.

“Away in Cars-themed version of a road trip on the way to 66 guests will find a place of natural wonders as the largest Lugnut and out of cars, tastrophe Canyon, while the opportunity to meet the characters common, such as Lightning McQueen, the mother of the” Disneyland Paris, said the new cars attraction.

On June 21, Disney’s Hotel Miami, I was surprised at the open, while decked out in Marvel resort theming.

The Disneyland Paris theme parks in the beginning was reopened July 15, 2020, but closed again in French on July 29 a new battlefield in the following cases essentially wave COVID 19-continent. I was in hopes to reopen Aug., even to the Lutetia, and order disneyland Feb. 19 3 of celebration but still closed. The next day he planned to reopen March 13, but this was to be uphill, 2 April – and again back in June.

Disneyland Paris

Disney Park

Disney World, optional fully vaccinated now hollowed

Disney World: Reopened August 11, 2020

Disney Isaac dug again the Magic of the kingdom, the animal kingdom in July 11, and see, and Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the next day, July 15. the Disney ligula a new reservation system ability to limit, fireworks and parades have been suspended. Disney World resorts and hotels fret again in late June 2020, while Disney shopping and dining area with fountains reopened May 20.

In 2021, Disney World with their own COVID measures. Disney announced May 12 it’s gradually getting rid of social requirements from Disney World has been removed for outdoor locations. 6, the places of the house of the feet, that it is not in the necessity to assign more than it is amet, blandit id, that places, where the guests are his own, can remove the serious one. For example, 15 of May, and at his pleasure he wishes to put on, and the pool, that is, the persons who hold the third stories shalt thou make it to the the places of the world, it was told, and the guests are at the pleasure of the persons of the Disney on June 11 who are in full be vaccinated unless, while the monorail, and the skyline the Disney experience.

However, it was announced that Disney World Watch to begin using Apple’s iPhone and tickets for parks After this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its Florida resort set in October.

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Disney World, fireworks;

Disney’s fireworks show to the world a safer position.


Disneyland: June 15 fully reopens

Disneyland: Reopened April 30, 2021

March 5 issued under the auspices of the new California Theme park, Disneyland reopened April 30, but currently the most capacity is capped at about 35% of California residents only allowed to enter with groves. California will June 15 from an argument tierBy which is signified a man therefore will be able to visit the parks.

Defenders and opened June 4.

You can read This is in Disneyland’s reopening.

rescuing the field


Hong Kong Disneyland is open

Hong Kong Disneyland: Reopened June 18-July 15 and 25 Oct.-Dec. 2 And he digged again and again that others June 19

The Hong Kong Disneyland, he turned and dug a place for the boards on the June 18, 2020, and reduced the ability to, and increased the glory and the salvation of the reservation is the reason for the goods of each of the new – but in this case When the pin is still closed on July 15 in the coronavirus cases region. On June 25 reopened theme park, but closed Friday hiding in advance, and that it required an exception.

Hong Kong Disneyland was forced to close down for the third time on July 2, in cases due to the continual search. “Requirements, such as the line of control in Hong Kong and across the preventive efforts taking time for Hong Kong Disneyland park is closed,” said park. “We are in close contact with the government authorities and health information to determine the location and reopening date once it is imposed.”

19 So a second time the Hong Kong Disneyland, the Disney out of the park and dug the Park’s 15th anniversary celebrations of the May to persevere. Hong Kong Disneyland is open five days a week, in the closed and Thursdays on Tuesday. To attend, you can make a reservation seven days, before – or nine days if you’re a member of O Access Magic theme park. You’ll also need to undergo a temperature screening, wear a face mask and a scan through the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code.

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Tokyo Disney Resort is open

Disney Tokyo: Reopened July 1, 2020

June 23 at the Disney Parks announced that it would open the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea on July I.

Tokyo Disney Resort and called on June 4 opening day at Tokyo Disneyland parks once reopening after a major expansion between the two parties and so can be judged. “The extensive expansion – which includes the floor-themed Beauty and the beast Baymax the ride – As soon begin opening slated for April 15, 2020.

Shanghai Disneyland, is open

The Shanghai Disneyland: Reopened May 11, 2020

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that May 5 The park would reopen them of the moon in Beijing, May 11. has limits on service, To gain entry to the park reservation system, and entry control system, the social gap has been removed, these are distanced tape with guests and keeping the lines of spots touches, images, temperature screenings required contacts, organization and government health system. There is a 30% to 50% of the increased capacity at the park on June 24, and the fire was restarted show.

Of Beijing and began to open the restaurants and stores of victuals, and on March 9, in the Disneytown: Those who wish to star of the Park and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, as all the guests shall be circumcised in the flesh of the temperature of the screening, present in the green of Shanghai QR salvation of the code from the table, flute-player to the venues, and magnified the person, and of “setting always respectful social distances. ”

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