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19, COVID the safety and health of the body and sought to capture the plans from the start looking removed week, on June 26 cast members fully vaccinated Disneyland – Disney styled in common parlance for employees.

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The members of the cast members of the household, who, however, it is required to wear fully be vaccinated. Unvaccinated employees must wear face coverings at all times – both without and within.

Disneyland, the plan is to follow a change recently amended Cal / OSHA coronavirus employees that California law div align more closely to the relaxed guidelines to enter effect on June 15.

In California’s economy had the full reopening on June 15 after a 15-hibernation pandemic theme parks in the city allowed to reach full capacity at the end, most 19 COVID health and safety measures.

When you are already at the end of the state of the exceptions, the ability to does not need to reduce the frequency of California Theme Parks, have the power to restrict the ride, the ride is the terminal point, if only he could cease to exist just six feet, whether he wishes to put the requirements of queues.

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On June 15, Disneyland numbers, abandoned the physical requirements of the person to be vaccinated removed for visitors dropped out-of-state visitors for the first time since the park reopened April 30.

Division of Occupational Safety and Health that grave errors of flip-flops, better known as Cal / OSHA, the workers were required to wear masks on June 15 could still be vaccinated theme park to theme park visitors are reported to be vaccinated.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed executive order on March 17 aligning California workplace rules about the physical person, and the state has been removed by the employees broader reopening guidelines. New Cal / OSHA rules need only unvaccinated workers to wear masks.

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