Eastbourne Primary School celebrates ‘good’ Ofsted rating


A primary school in Eastbourne was rated as ‘good’ in a recent Ofsted inspection.

Schools are judged on five categories – quality of education, behavior and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and childcare.

Langney Primary Academy in Chailey Close was inspected in September and the report was released this week (November 17). Formerly Langney Primary School, the site became part of the Swale Academy Trust in September 2018 and this is the first inspection since the conversion. In Langney Elementary School’s last inspection, she was found to be good.

Staff and program are praised. The report states, “Leaders, including those responsible for governance, demonstrate a strong commitment to developing an environment in which all students can thrive. The program offer is wide and the content taught to students is ambitious.

Pupils and staff at Langney Primary Academy celebrate their ‘good’ Ofsted grade (school photo)

“Leaders thought carefully about what important content to teach students. In some areas of the curriculum, specialist teachers were able to extend students’ knowledge beyond the requirements of the national curriculum. In some core subjects, leaders have been successful in identifying the soft skills they want students to develop. However, they have not yet identified the specific knowledge students need to demonstrate some of these skills. Leaders recognize the importance of work to more clearly identify student strengths and specific knowledge gaps.

“In some core subjects, leaders have yet to identify and agree on the specific knowledge they want students to know and retain to achieve their broad and ambitious end-of-year goals. This means that some assessment approaches for checking student understanding do not yet provide details of what students can and cannot do. Leaders should ensure that when they have identified soft skills for their students to develop, they have carefully considered the knowledge needed to achieve those goals.

At the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the report says that children respond well to instruction and that positive interactions mean they are developing their communication and language skills. This continues as they progress through the school years through “strong behavior routines” that result in students being “kind and considerate to others”.

Students receive “important age-appropriate knowledge” through the personal, social and health education curriculum. This includes internet safety and healthy relationships. According to the report, this enables students to embody the school’s motto – “active bodies, healthy minds”.

With regard to students with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), the report says they are “fully included in lessons” and “supported by knowledgeable adults”.

Director Benjamin Bowles said: “We believe the inspection team has captured our highly ambitious, caring and exceptional approach to learning. All leaders and staff enjoy life at Langney, have the highest expectations for our children and this has actually been reinforced by the pandemic.We are delighted that the Ofsted report reflects how very strong our bonds are with our families and our community, with a focus on well-being, enrichment and specialist teaching in key subjects. Langney is a fantastic place to learn and I am so proud of all the children, staff and families.”


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