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Multiverse has unfolded before us and has risen AVENGERS Campus – Each antioxidants Imagineering’s entry into the last ongoing wars IP “and the latest and universal Disney’s” Living on Earth. “Specific training compound mobilize the next generation of heroes are companies are built (ie us), it’s California Adventure cars vulputate the Silicon Valley wedged between Hollywood and the earth … well … a surprisingly low-key. Some fans have been quick to note a relative and the lack of a full scale tourist attractions, especially the recent Galaxy compared to Imagineering’s Edge …

… But nobody should mistake: Call Number vindico a revolution in the way if the rules rewrite “immersive” theme park in a peaceful out here. For every battle of the lore that it’s based on the universe of Rivellon sapien not be surprised, did not care much about the field of canon law, and the Avengers. It’s storytelling playground; The Imagineers sandbox can have fun with comic book heroes are finally acquired a decade ago. And based on the country’s new surprised to see multiverse model’s timeline open branches in the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge …? If the Mandalorian and join the grog General decades Kyloe Ren … even if he is not apart? Rescuing the campus was “of course” … let’s examine the specific sharp ‘

It is, by necessity, light “spoilers” to films and television shows Marvel Cinematic world – including Disney + ‘s Loki Series – will follow?

rescuing the field

Image: Marvel

And when he returns from his slip, the same as the background is not to be desired. In 2009 Disney bought Marvel for $ 4 billion – an absolutely gargantuan (and very strange) CEO-acquisition, because then Bob Iger’s Disney Company, which had just arrived at over $ 7 billion buyout at Pixar. Encroach on the young Marvel equipped with a purchase Disney World Cinematic back-off, even though one was rejected films featuring heroes, which is not enough for us to wonder proclaimed a developer license studios in the ’90s.

Nesting a relatively new Marvel Studios at Walt Disney Studios under the banner of victory Iger is probably not at the thought of Cinematic world. The film nearly a billion in just the first movies to 24 “MCU” Wonder catapulted into pop culture make brass – currently a mess, the sum of all the half-grossing franchise.

Image: Disney / Methuen

Despite being one of the defining properties, though, Disney is very slow, the unity of its portfolio of theme parks heroes on their own. And that’s partly because of the reasons in order to defame and drew it a few in the ’90s, the Universal, he killed the marvel of his fellow citizens, giving them that are mighty competitor in Disney’s a great man, and beset on every side from the exclusive rights to the east of the Mississippi most of, and the time.

Usually the form of the loss of the heroes to meet the slow drip of the messengers, and he took a one-off neglects to do so-and-greets … they did not come any more, is brought in to the promises of the Hong Kong and in California, which eventually. It was not until 2018 – after 9 years of Disney’s purchase surprised – that the company acknowledged that ‘Avengers and other Super Heroes “to populate a new themed areas in Paris, Boston and Hong Kong one day.

Image: Disney / Methuen

Finally, Disney’s toe-in-the-water rollout officially came to an end when the Avengers field and the cannonball expansion and serving as the eighth head of the land and on the second wave of reimagining the Disney California Adventure in Anaheim. Even if it is a small amount of it is earth – the earth, is less than half of the greatness of the neighboring Cars – incorporate the best of what he has will be amazed at is’s a lot of high-earning is no hiding place in the land of the heroes.

Frame-tale world, building and earth brought from repurposed Stark Motors manufacturing facility is sleek and stylish become San Jose-style campus. In Zephaniah redbrick contemporary steel and glass factories were overtaken by the scientists serving as laboratories experimenting with new tech and tech-characters to be heroes. But everything feels a little cafe fit because it’s the problem. (Reportedly, the plan failed to expand Disney California Adventure on the north saw Imagineers Marvel scuttle existing plans, and small business is to rearrange “the bug.”)

Image: Disney / Methuen

Essentially as one, central square in the country manages to contain the Geneva research lab (offer Open House tour of Web Slinger Technology), a Pym Labs test kitchen, and the “Ancient Spirit” residue left closed with Stark time, it is light protectors Headquarters and intrusive (and for the record, even out-of-place) De village, namely, cosmic appeared in the facility.

The country officially opened on June 4, 2021 (11 months thanks scheduled COVID pandemic in the 19-to-14 months farmer of Disneyland’s theme parks) … guests and they were surprised that they were not – but what – I found .. .

Experience timeline

Image: Disney

It’s not enough to land probably will never be “enough” to avenge the campus, with less than a dozen heroes who gave assembling on-site day. He is also to meet traditional greets the still-suspended that spontaneous and show appearances see Black widow spider-man, Dr. Wonderful Thor, Loki, Black Panther, Iron Man, the star Captain America, Gamora and make regular GROOT seen …

… that there is sufficient reason to do a double-take Avengers aficionados. If you are caught up your MCU films, you know that half of those heroes … … even if it is not. And if you do manage to be brought to the highest, grossing, all the time the film Avengers: Endgame has served as a nexus to the things of MCU, reshaping the ages of the ages in the series of the canon. The chain has gone through a few men because their film passed onto other new generation; are continually changing to lodge in Thanos are “broken” Why this delay, “and beyond” the humanity of the war, to recall the gesture of a part of the infinite.

Image: Disney

Suffice to say it does not walking Iron Man Avengers plain ole sure that only the Avengers on the fifth MCU Endgame void. Of course, this can not be … because of Sam Wilson’s Captain America in the VAT is Loki, the Avengers campus also hosted the post-Endgame characters … and curiously coexist with, for example, the Black Widow, which is clearly not a standalone film first stand before the Devils.

Since, therefore, the timeline and on a set MCU in the Campus Martius, and the Avengers? Easy. It’s not. In the comic talking, it’s an “alternate universe” set the narrative as a spur to use the reality is that Marvel Cinematic as a whole, unless (Live Entertainment director, according to Disney, Dan Fields)

Image: Disney

There’s should not rend. What it is, because they wish to be, in a conflict because he is from, but I do not wish to be a judge what is, as far as to the end, apocalyptic, that there is a risk of the human race. When our friends are great. We want to engage guests almost daily proof.

In other words, there is absolutely plain Avengers MCU timeline. The discourse of the Avengers, urges us becomes our way into the field; not at leant timeline of the world’s Gloria Park (the “MTPU ‘best explored in Imagine Tomorrow & B). So that when visiting the Avengers open the Senate is is something from a sling weapons, oversized try your food, and buy Spider-bots!

Image: Disney / Methuen

In the test we are about tech demo; The spider arts witnesses mysterious flying bodies on the ground to join a training session with Dora Milaje have fun. Scuffles break out between the roof heroes and villains in turns, and the “end of the earth” is the ultimate in our minds.

This is also good news, because it means that the Avengers field can be a one-stop-shop for love … and Marvel characters (especially for Disney), a flexible space where the up-and-coming heroes do not always display … What is this, the above change them into other lands through the immersive Disney’s the way they act, and how could they be? Read More …

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Ruud Kleinpaste: Connections with nature Sat, 10 Jul 2021 03:29:00 +0000

Natural connections

With the school holidays approaching and the often changeable winter days, here are some of my observations on how to connect kids with nature. I have noticed that bombarding children with science and scientific principles is generally not a good introduction to working in and with nature. Each person has different interests and they are the ones who make the connection.

Provided by Ruud Kleinpaste

If you have kids, there’s no doubt everyone is different – you might like to run outside. While the other is content to play with lego; or build roads with trucks, set opossum traps; Technology. Another likes to draw or paint, read a book or take part in role plays….

When working with students or teachers, I often tell stories, use the language, or play the piano. And all of these activities have a very beautiful connection with our natural world.

D:  My Docs  Environmental Education DoC etc  2014 onwards  ART  kowhai and giant undisturbed habitats.jpg

Image by Kate Parker – Kowhai and the Giants

For example, Ilast week I received a book from Kate Parker “Kowhai and the giants”And basically it’s Predator-Free NZ via a historical journey in story format. Well that’s what I see in this book … bBut you can also interpret it as an indigenous story of the discovery of Aotearoa. It is a magical creature “Kowhai” who collects light for giant trees, in a land in perfect ecological harmony. “Kowhai” climbs trees and lives in this ecosystem with all the – now – rare birds of our country. These scenes were originally designed as three-dimensional dioramas, lit from behind. Carefully cut out some trees and vegetation that you can totally lose yourself in and In inspiring images that take you back in time. And then the boats come… with people… and rodents; a lot of ships, a lot of people and a lot of parasites …scary stuff. As far as I know, we are the only species (on the planet) that can tell stories and that – in my opinion – is one of the most powerful ways to get us out of the mess we find ourselves in.

Painting – for the program:

A few years ago I saw some real first drawings by a very famous New Zealand painter; he made these drawings when he was 7, 8 or 9 years old

D:  My Docs  Environmental Education DoC etc  2014 forward  ART  Don Binney art  Binneys Weka sm.jpg D:  My Docs  Environmental Education DoC etc  2014 forward  ART  Don Binney art  Binneys kiwi sm.jpg D:  My Docs  Environmental Education DoC etc  2014 forward  ART  Don Binney art  Binneys Tui sm.jpg

Here is a weka, a kiwi and a tui and notice how he wrote a “W”, a “K” and a “T” on these pictures – as if he discovered the alphabet if its art! By the way, if you look at these drawings, you might recognize the very beginnings of Don Binney’s artistic career!


Listen to the sounds of nature – what do you recognize? Who sings ? Can you transcribe the notes of the bellbird, blackbird or yellow hammer?


Some teachers are able to create school productions from the stories you find in nature. Connections between caterpillars and their host trees, predators that hunt their prey and weta using second-hand dwellings made by a driller, deep in a tree … much more exciting than Shortland Street!


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Speeding and Deaths in Utah Fri, 09 Jul 2021 22:50:08 +0000

Several years ago, the Utah Legislature passed a bill increasing the speed on some of Utah’s highways from 75 mph to 80 mph and more highways have been added since then. It was then argued that the increase was simply to match the speed that most Utah drivers were going, which was just over 80 mph.

Sadly, the bill received strong support in both the House and Senate, with the exception of several Democrats, including former Rep. Patrice Arent and current Rep. Joel Briscoe, and former Senators Pat Jones. and Brian Shiozawa.

Now it has been reported that the Utah Highway Patrol has prevented people from going 100 mph and above. Speeding tickets and fatalities are on the rise in Utah this year, according to UHP. The year 2020 saw a 29% increase in citations for those exceeding 100 mph.

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Junk-Bond Rally Pulls Yields Below Inflation Fri, 09 Jul 2021 22:29:00 +0000

Investor acceptance of risk has taken another step forward in recent sessions: the return investors receive for investing in riskier US companies has fallen below inflation.

According to data from the ICE Bank of America through Thursday, a surge in corporate debt rated below the investment grade pushed yields to record highs of around 4.57%, while prices at consumption increased by 5% in May compared to the previous year. This is the first time that junk bond yields have fallen below the rate of inflation, according to Bespoke Investment Group.

This move upsets the conventional logic of investing in bonds, which are generally prized to protect investor money. Companies rated as undesirable are those most likely to miss interest payments or go bankrupt. Buying bonds that pay less than inflation is accumulating a loss.

At the same time, the stimulus measures and the strength of the recovery have left the economy in an unusual situation, with many expecting a rapid return to the pre-pandemic era of slow and steady growth. In this scenario, inflation will moderate as the anomalies of the pandemic subside, leaving junk bond yields again above the rate of price increase.

Gennadiy Goldberg, U.S. rates strategist at TD Securities, said the reversal indicates investors are looking for yields from afar in a low rate environment, even in riskier locations.

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Revealed: Best School Recruitment Areas in Norfolk Fri, 09 Jul 2021 10:49:00 +0000

As we approach the end of the term, it may seem strange to think of the importance of school recruiting zones in the minds of homebuyers.

But when you take into account that the application deadline for 2022 secondary schools is October 31, 2021 and for elementary schools January 31, 2022, it’s easy to see why the issue is so current.

“All real estate agents will tell you that the quality of the local school is a critical factor in the attractiveness of a neighborhood, certainly in terms of buyers with young families,” says NDAEA President Jan Hÿtch, which is also a residential partner of Arnolds Keys.

“It’s not just a problem at the start of the school year, but it’s a question we are asked throughout the year. Often times, Ofsted’s reports and reviews on education websites are taken just as seriously as the details of an individual property.

After asking NDAEA members some key questions about the importance of school recruiting zones and the advice they would give to sellers and buyers with families, Jan Hÿtch and Steve Pymm, director of Pymm & Co, provide some answers. based on their responses.

Moving to another school catchment is quite common, according to Norfolk Estate Agents
– Credit: Getty Images / iStockphoto

How common is it for families to move based on a school’s catchment area?

This is something that members of the NDAEA come across frequently.

“It’s quite common, especially in high schools, and where there are several brothers and sisters,” explains Jan Hÿtch. “Parents often want to locate near their favorite school for convenience, and also to give all children the best chance of securing a place.”

Steve Pymm, director of Pymm & Co, agrees. “This is one of the most important factors when a family is considering moving,” he says.

Jan’s co-worker, Katie Mountain, residential branch manager at the Arnolds Keys municipal office, adds, “We have had several families who have moved to be closer to their favorite schools, and we have also had several teachers who have moved. for new jobs. “

Georgian architecture of North Norfolk, town of Holt with cars lining the road and a bus in distance

House prices are noticeably higher in Holt, especially if it is within walking distance of Gresham’s

Do good catchment areas drive up property prices?

They certainly seem to be doing it, whether they are the best private schools or the public schools with a flourishing reputation. “In North Norfolk we have the Gresham School in Holt – prices are significantly higher within walking distance of this school,” says Clive Hedges, residential branch manager of the Arnolds Keys coastal office in Sheringham.

Jan Hÿtch cites three examples of high performing public schools that have had the same effect on prices. “Wymondham College and Hethersett and Ormiston Academies (each rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted) are three examples where houses in catchment villages are significantly higher than those slightly further away. “

Mortgage concept of a miniature ceramic house on top of a coin tower as prices go up

As long as the school maintains its reputation, the family homes in these regions will continue to do well.
– Credit: Getty Images

Could moving to a “good” catchment area secure your property?

“As long as the school maintains its good reputation, family homes will be attractive to buy in all markets,” says Jan Hÿtch.

“However, you have to keep in mind that if the catchment area algorithm is changed, as it does from time to time, it may exclude an address and then the premium may be lost.”

Another point to keep in mind is that an Ofsted rating is simply a snapshot of a school at a given time. “Schools may as well fall in an Ofsted report,” says Steve Pymm.

Exterior shot of Wymondham College with people waiting to enter main classroom building

Wymondham College is among the top ten schools in Norfolk, according to the website
– Credit: Sonya Duncan

You can also watch:

Where are some of the best school recruiting areas in Norfolk?

Ofsted’s grades are only part of the picture, with other factors such as the school’s culture and the nature of its catchment area also playing a role in attracting parents to a particular institution.

“If you look at the website, the top ten in Norfolk include Wymondham College, Hethersett Academy, Ormiston Victory Academy, Springwood High and St Clements in the Kings Lynn area, Marshland in Wisbech, Dereham Neatherd, Hellesdon High and City of Norwich School, ”says Jan H,” tch.

“But there are others who exert a strong influence in a particular area, from the best private schools such as Gresham’s, Norwich High and Norwich School, to outstanding primary schools in many fields.”

Steve Pymm emphasizes this point by suggesting other people in the Norwich area who would be on his hotspot list: “Framingham Earl / Poringland, Blofield and Avenue Road are just a few of the well-known establishments in Norwich and its surroundings which have good academic statistics, “he says.

Brother and sister in smart school uniform with matching green backpacks walking to school

Steve Pymm advises that if you want to move to a new school catchment area, do so at least a year before considering changing schools.
– Credit: Getty Images

What advice do you give to parents and families wishing to move to a new catchment area?

The two key things to keep in mind are timing and research, according to NDAEA members.

With admission deadlines several months before the start of the school year, parents cannot be sure of securing a place if they are not established well in advance in the catchment area. “If you want to move to a new school catchment area, do so at least a year before considering changing schools,” advises Steve Pymm.

The guide to good schools has developed a catchment area analysis system that generates a graphical snapshot of the geographic distribution of the addresses from which students were admitted to a school, ”says Jan Hÿtch.

“You can see the real catchment area of ​​each public school – the area in which the students actually live. “

Happy family parents and children tenants tenants new owners playing on moving day unpacking bo

If you are looking to sell your home in a good catchment area, be sure to promote it as a usable family home.
– Credit: Getty Images / iStockphoto

What about advice for sellers?

“The first and most obvious thing would be to make sure that the property description includes a mention of the recruiting school,” says Jan Hÿtch.

“But always be sure to double check that that hasn’t changed, otherwise you could be held responsible for misleading potential buyers. Use phrases such as’… is located in the current school watershed. XXX ”, or allude to the proximity of a popular school (“ … about a kilometer or 12 minutes walk from the XXX school ”).

And be sure to market the property as family friendly, advises Steve Pymm. “You have to make sure that you demonstrate that your home is usable and spacious for a family, so the study and dining rooms could be used as bedrooms, for example,” says Steve.

Would you like to be kept up to date with the latest real estate news in your area? Subscribe to our Eastern Daily Press newsletter for our selection of the best local real estate stories.

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Flagstaff Center Helping Young Men Recover From Addiction Through Nature | Featured Articles Thu, 08 Jul 2021 22:07:00 +0000

FLAG (3TV / CBS 5) – Unlike traditional treatment centers, Back2Basics helps young men overcome their addiction problems through nature and outdoor activities.

Back2Basics is a Flagstaff-based treatment center that uses the outdoors to help young men overcome their addiction issues. Through hiking, rafting, surfing and mountain biking, men are encouraged to work as a team to meet challenges and increase their autonomy. Men learn the importance of teamwork, leadership, self-awareness and more.

The program lasts up to six months for young men between the ages of 18 and 30 struggling with drug addiction. Men are also encouraged to join the “Beyond the Basics” program, which is an additional six-month program that brings clients back to everyday life after overcoming addiction.

Back2Basics has taken young men all over the Southwest, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Zion National Park and more. The center also offers a culinary program, where young men can learn the basics of cooking, learn about food and nutrition, and work in a kitchen team.

The program is set on weekly schedules to help young adults stay active through outdoor excursions, but also focuses on individual and group therapy, fitness, and personal time.

For more information about the program and the center, visit or call (928) 707-6277.

Copyright 2021 KPHO / KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.

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SeaWorld Orlando Reimagines sea lion, otter show Thu, 08 Jul 2021 15:34:34 +0000

ORLANDO, Fla. – The days of “High Sea Lion” are long gone, but the verse of the comedy Clyde, Seamore and their friends who are living.

SeaWorld Orlando, guests have been treated to a new approach to the show, all of the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium some called “sea lion and otter spotlight.”

[TRENDING: 5 inland lagoons planned for Central Fla. | HS teacher arrested in Capitol riot | Watch Hurricane Elsa collapse on live radar]


Relay takes guests on a journey through the educational Pacific Marine Conservation Center Point Preserve area near the Pacific Ocean Point, a California sea lions and lives at SeaWorld Orlando’s landing sterling.

Pacific Point Preserve entrance to the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, some (McReynolds)

Throughout the show, with two characters join guests will tour the facility and learn about the animal’s creative skills and threats the animals face of conservation efforts in the desert.

Things haywire as the otter and steals and price of the agenda and direction, Clyde and Seamore side, to look to find it.

Lion SeaWorld Orlando, and some sea otter spotlight (McReynolds)

“What is amazing is that much of the educational journey was undertaken as long as SeaWorld with you after you left,” said SeaWorld on its website.

Otter Stadium, the lion, and any that are out of the sea is now received him, to make known to all looking for new, having been restored.

The lion and sea otter spotlight (McReynolds)

Leading to a new theater are educational boards, which gives facts about the sea lions short of the desert.

Spotlight lion and sea otter at SeaWorld Orlando (McReynolds)

A new sports and stage and hints of blue-green color with mustard colors with accents on the front.


No opportunity not only for education but more than willing Interactive. The otter, sea lions and experience shows that it is slow to SeaWorld Orlando, refreshed and looking play.

Lion SeaWorld Orlando, and some sea otter spotlight (McReynolds)

Just last month, at all, and that began a new theme park dolphin show at the theater M. dolphins.

On Wednesday, SeaWorld Orlando Park reported twice the number of awards for a number of amusement park rollercoaster (Mako), US, USA Today, Japan graduated.

A new show you some Sea Lion and Otter race every day to play the theme park.


After a period of time in his garden, or are encouraged to check SeaWorld Mobile App.

The following questions are for a sign, In the Loop: The boy Park Scoops newsletter, sent to every Friday morning.

Copyright 2021 by WKMG ClickOrlando – All rights reserved.

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Drivers must share the road with tractors | News, Sports, Jobs Thu, 08 Jul 2021 05:54:47 +0000

Recently, a family member was involved in an accident in which the tractor he was driving was struck by a car trying to pass. This incident got our family and friends talking and made us aware of the continuing safety dangers of farming.

Accidents can happen anywhere, but because farmers carry equipment across fields, they often have to use many local roads and national highways. There are many factors that can affect the safety of farm and auto operators. Today’s large farm equipment sometimes overlaps other paths. Curves, hills and other blind spots reduce a motorist’s ability to see farm equipment moving on the road, and vice versa. Poor road conditions also play a role in auto equipment accidents.

The difference in speed is a huge factor. Here is an example given by The Ohio State University Extension: “If a car is traveling at 60 mph and approaches a tractor traveling at 20 mph, how long does it take for the car to travel 400 feet and reach the tractor? Less than 6.5 seconds.

Even though automobiles traveled much slower 60 years ago, the difference in speed was still a contributing factor in these types of accidents. So much so that a retrospective research study was conducted by Walter McClure and Ben Lamp of the Department of Agricultural Engineering at Ohio State University.

It was discovered that most of the crashes were the result of rear end collisions. Further research by Ken Harkness, Ohio State University followed which resulted in the development of the slow vehicle emblem. It was in the early 1960s that SMV emblems began to appear on slow-moving farm equipment, including wagons and horse-drawn implements. In 1971, the SMV emblems were adopted as a national standard by the American National Standards Institute.

SMV emblems are bright, fluorescent triangles with reflective borders that must be visible from a distance of 500 feet to alert motorists to slow down on approach. These emblems should only be used at the rear of slow moving vehicles traveling on streets and highways at a speed of 25 mph or less. They should be mounted near the center of the equipment with the point facing up, between 2 and 6 feet above the ground. It is illegal to place an SMV emblem on a stationary object. Use something else to mark your mailbox and driveway.

While preparing this article, I thought it would be easy to come up with simple rules and laws on the passage of farm equipment. The first place I looked was the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles website and online study resources that are used when preparing for your driving test. No chance.

I found the photo and description of the SMV emblem and this statement: “The SMV sign indicates that special precautions must be taken when sharing the road with such a vehicle. Extra patience and caution should be exercised when passing slow vehicles. “

Although I couldn’t find the detailed law, here are some good guidelines. It’s a no-go area for a reason, don’t pass. If you can’t see the driver or the mirrors they would be using they can’t see you either, don’t pass. If the equipment you’re tracking slows down to an even slower speed, assume it’s getting ready to turn. Reaction time is the biggest contributor to safety in all scenarios, so slow down.

Fortunately, our family member was not injured and a passenger in the vehicle was slightly injured. Be careful in all your movements.

Smallsreed is a member of the Trumbull County Farm Bureau and grew up on a family owned dairy farm in Northeast Ohio.

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English players’ ratings as Gareth Southgate’s side beat Denmark to advance to Euro 2020 final Wed, 07 Jul 2021 21:36:12 +0000

England reached their first Euro 2020 final after defeating Denmark 2-1 (AET) in a tense semi-final.

The Three Lions needed extra time to get past their brave opponents, but eventually found their way with a goal from Harry Kane after smashing a rebound from his missed penalty.

Denmark took the lead when Mikkel Damsgaard hit a magnificent free kick past Jordan Pickford in the first half of regulation time.

But England were back on level when Simon Kjaer put the ball into his own net after a cross from Bukayo Saka.

And in the opening period of extra time, Kane saw his penalty effort saved by Kasper Schmeichel, who couldn’t reach his rebound.

Here are the player ratings of the nervous Wembley clash.


Formation: 4-2-3-1


The mistakes resurfaced again with my wild kick. The Danish opener was beaten for the first time in six games. Some sharp stops too


Made brilliant, timely interceptions in the opening against the dangerous Danish duo. Best display to date


I watched how hard it is to usually calm down – even under the cosh. His partnership with Stones continues to flourish


Tested more than ever to this day by the Danish attack, but overall he overcame it all. Rejected by Schmeichel for 50 minutes


The man of the moment shone in the opening stages but gave a set piece that gave Denmark the lead with a foul on Christensen

Soccer Football – Euro 2020 – Semi Final – England v Denmark – Wembley Stadium, London, Great Britain – July 7, 2021 Englishman Harry Maguire argues with referee Felix Brych Pool via REUTERS / Laurence Griffiths


Started like a train, but quickly stowed and overtaken on the toughest exit of the tournament. Never stopped, however


Half of the midfielder’s engine room smooth but normal service was lacking within 45 minutes of opening. Improved over time.


The only change from Rome, the Arsenal teenager did nothing to suggest the blunderer was wrong. Killer cross killer for crucial leveler.


Delivery to set pieces was not great at first but so busy in all parts of Wembley. Non stop and smart with it.


Combo animated with Shaw and was also the man who entered the danger zone when he was released by Kane – forced equalizer against his own goal.

England striker Raheem Sterling (L) celebrates with England midfielder Bukayo Saka (R) after scoring his team’s first goal during the UEFA EURO 2020 semi-final soccer match between England and Denmark at Wembley Stadium in London on July 7, 2021. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths / POOL / AFP) (Photo by LAURENCE GRIFFITHS / POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

Harry kane 7

Almost the tournament assist after six minutes. Wrestled before his son and passed frees Saka for an equalizer assist.

Grealish (for Saka 68) 6

Trippier (for Grealish 106) 6

Henderson (Rice 95) 6

Foden (Mont 95) 6

Unused subtitles: Mings, Rashford, Ramsdale, Coady, Sancho, Johnstone, James, Bellingham

Reserved: Maguire


Formation 3-4-3


The Leicester stopper had nothing to do until 37 minutes, then produced a stun to deny Sterling and Maguire in the second half


Champions League winner Chelsea had their work cut out for them against Sterling and Shaw but won a free kick for a breakthrough.


The Danish skipper was menacing on set pieces and calm at the back – until the relief attempt ended in his own net. As hard as iron


The Giant Saints defender made a crucial early interception on Mount and has proven to be much better than previously thought in the Premier League.

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford dives in vain as Denmark’s Mikkel Damsgaard (not pictured) scores his side’s first goal of the game from a free kick in the UEFA Euro 2020 semi-final match at Wembley Stadium, in London. Picture date: Wednesday July 7, 2021. PA Photo. See PA SOCCER England story. Photo credit should read: Nick Potts / PA Wire. RESTRICTIONS: Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without the prior consent of the copyright holder.


Always there to support the defense with quality challenges. Proved a pillar at the back for the English strikers to overcome


The Tottenham midfielder sat down and interrupted England’s flow as best he could – and had Denmark’s first attempt in the 15th minute.


Neat, tidy in everything he did, he helped the Danes tame the midfield scrap before the break as he led by example


Danish midfielder terminator slamming tackles and driving inspiration for the team England failed to verify at times


Barcelona and the former Boro striker should have punished Pickford’s foul, but speed and flanking skill posed problems.


A scorching hitman chasing Golden Boot was a revelation during the tournament – and a real nuisance throughout last night


Dangerman with allure in the left flank to burn and still joining the front line. Coiled up an inch wide before the opening of the free kickr

Subtitles: Nørgaard (Dolberg 67) 6

Poulson (for Damsgaard 67) 6

Wass (for Stryger 67) 6

Unused subtitles: Andersen, Skov, Olsen, Jorgensen ,, Lossless ,, Wind, Cornelius, Ronnow, Jensen

Reserved: Wass

Referee: Danny Makkelie (Netherlands) 5

Match Rating: 3

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Opinion: does nature really heal? Wed, 07 Jul 2021 13:00:31 +0000

Editor’s Note

When Erin malsbury took charge of this week’s cover story Green problem, that was originally … well, let’s just say we didn’t choose exactly what it was about. What we did know was that throughout the pandemic people talked about how “nature heals“—But the scientific evidence for this anecdotal observation was far from ideal. We wanted to know how much nature actually heals and tell this story in a way that has yet to be done.

As she always does, Malsbury has found a way to do just that. She had taken into account many factors of what scientists call the “anthropause– air pollution, state of the oceans, etc. – but the one thing that kept coming back was noise. Specifically, the sudden reduction in it during the pandemic and how it was affecting wildlife in a remarkable way. What was even more remarkable was the hard data scientists now have on this subject, which is presented in his article. What surprised me most were the unexpected manifestations of this phenomenon – most of us probably suspected that the pandemic had increased animal incursions into civilization, but did any of us think that this change the sound of songbirds? Or the stress levels of whales? It’s a fascinating story; I highly recommend that you read it. Malsbury will also be talking about his article on Wednesday July 7 on KSQD’s “Cruz News and Views” (3 pm-4pm, 90.7FM).


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