Floyd Mayweather reveals what matters most when rating the greatest of all time


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Floyd Mayweather says he knows what matters most when it comes to ranking the criteria for the greatest fighters in sports history.

The former five-weight world champion, who has reigned as pound-for-pound king on more than one occasion, thinks he knows the formula.

Mayweather’s clarification comes as “Money” ranked sixth on Ring Magazine’s all-time list of champions.

Sugar Ray Robinson leads the poll, with heavyweights Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali second and third.

Tony Canzoneri finished fourth ahead of Emile Griffith and Floyd Mayweather.

The Ring also explained some scoring details, which aren’t as straightforward as Mayweather’s simplified version.

They said: “The scoring of total points and peak points was based on a base scale of 11 points (i.e. a champion and the top 10 contenders).

“A win over the champion of his weight class, in a title or non-title fight, was worth 11 points, a #1 contender was worth 10, etc.

“The losses worked backwards. A loss to the champion was a sliding one point deduction at 11 for a loss to the No. 10 contender.”


However, Mayweather says wins over former world champions are all that matters. Based on that, the American would be above Robinson, he says.

“Sometimes they go, ‘Julio Cesar Chavez went 89-0 unbeaten.’ But I’ve beaten more champions than he’s beaten in a hundred and something fights,” Mayweather told FightHype.com.

“Then they talk about Sugar Ray Robinson. Again, I’ve beaten more champions than Sugar Ray Robinson has beaten in his illustrious career.

Floyd Mayweather world champion

Adding his thoughts on the titles, Mayweather said: “If you look at the top ten today, everyone has a belt now.

“I’ve never won an ‘interim’ belt. There are too many belts in the sport of boxing so boxing is really watered down now. Everyone is a champion.

Mayweather’s arch-rival Manny Pacquiao, who propelled him to the 2000-2010 WBN Fighter of the Decade Award, was ranked ninth.

The comparisons between the two careers are parallel. Although Mayweather still has the equalizer and more, considering he beat the Filipino great in 2015.

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1Sugar Ray Robinson

2 Joe Louis

3 Muhammad Ali

4 Tony Canzoneri

5 Emile Griffith

6Floyd Mayweather

7 Willie Pep

8 Ezzard Charles

9 Manny Pacquiao

10 Archie Moore

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