Huge pig farm threatens nature – Nancy Lu Rosenheim | Letters to the Editor

I have lived between Steuben and Chicago for most of my life. As a 65-year-old woman, university professor and professional sculptor, I have finally started to realize my lifelong dream of restoring and converting our family’s century-old barn into my art studio.

I was devastated when the Department of Natural Resources conditionally approved plans to expand the Roth Feeder Pig farm into a concentrated animal feed operation. Millions of gallons of manure each year would endanger the area and the health and safety of my family and neighbors. The Kickapoo River and its pristine surroundings would become septic. Valuable karst geology – Wisconsin’s national treasure – would be wiped out. Everything we hold dear: our health, wildlife, air and water would be destroyed. This ecological damage cannot be repaired.

The DNR exists to protect Wisconsin’s natural resources, not to waste them, not to sell them to the highest bidder with the most political clout.

MRN can prevent this sinking with an environmental impact statement for that specific area. If this massive feedlot wasn’t harming Wisconsin’s precious land and water, prove it.

Do whatever it takes, DNR. Reverse this aberration.

Nancy Lu Rosenheim, Steuben

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