ISI report gives RGS Worcester an ‘excellent’ rating


The ISI report for a school in Worcestershire concluded that the school had maintained its “excellent” standards.

The Royal Grammar School Worcester, made up of RGS The Grange, RGS Springfield and RGS Worcester, was rated ‘excellent’ in its latest ISI inspection report.

The inspectors found that: ‘The curriculum is documented, supported by plans and working diagrams suitable for the pupils and covers the required range of material.

“Teaching allows students to make good progress, includes effective behavior management and is based on appropriate resources.

Inspectors also found that principles and morals are “actively promoted” in order to best support pupils at RGS Worcester to be “responsible, tolerant and law-abiding citizens”.

ISI inspectors added that the protection and welfare of students is a strength of RGS Worcester.

They added: “Good behavior is promoted; bullying is prevented as much as reasonably possible; health and safety requirements are met, including those relating to fire safety; arrangements are made for first aid.

Among the main findings of the inspection are the excellent progress of the students, the development of their creative and physical skills, their excellent communication skills and their attitudes towards learning, loyalty, moral awareness and social skills.

The only area for potential improvement described was to “further strengthen the PSHE program and use the time available to increase opportunities for discussion with students”.

John Pitt, executive director of the RGS Worcester family of schools, said: “We are delighted with the report. Every area of ​​our schools assessed was rated as “excellent”, which is the highest rating.

“We would like to congratulate our staff, students and parents for their commitment which resulted in this top-notch assessment of RGS Worcester, RGS The Grange and RGS Springfield.

“We are very grateful to the parents for their continued support and for completing the inspection questionnaires, which, together with the student responses, provided overwhelming support and demonstrated the commitment parents and students have to our schools.

“The inspection report endorsed the very high level of educational provision at RGS and gives us the confidence to continue improving our facilities and continuing to develop opportunities for our students to make their experience at RGS enjoyable, stimulating, stimulating and successful.

“Above all, the report demonstrates how awesome our students are, how supportive they are of each other and their loyalty to RGS.


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