KSP will participate in a program focusing on dangerous driving behavior on highways

Source: Kentucky State Police

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ / Press Release) – From June 22-24, Kentucky State Police (KSP) officers for commercial vehicles will participate in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Operation SafeDRIVE (redistracted Rimprudent Ialtered Visibility Eexecution).

This campaign focuses on dangerous driving behaviors that typically result in accidents involving passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It goes hand in hand with national efforts to help all drivers learn to share the roads safely with large trucks.

According to KSP, the national SafeDRIVE initiative clamps down on dangerous interstate driving behaviors such as aggressive driving, speeding, tailgating, not wearing a seat belt, distracted driving and driving under the influence. . During this campaign, KSP commercial vehicle inspectors will open weighing facilities to ensure commercial drivers follow safety regulations, including hours of service compliance, commercial driver license compliance, medical certification and accreditation of commercial vehicles.

“High visibility interstate law enforcement, combined with safety inspections at our large-scale facilities, will ensure that unsafe drivers and vehicles are removed from Kentucky highways,” said Major Nathan Day, Director of Commercial Vehicle Law Enforcement Division. “With so many motorists driving through Kentucky during the summer months, our number one priority is their safety while in the Commonwealth.”

KSP encourages all motorists to follow the following tips when driving on the roads:

· Stay out of blind spots: Large trucks and buses have large blind spots on all four sides.

· Safe passage: Make sure you can see the driver of the truck in his rearview mirror. Use your turn signals and don’t linger in the blind spot. Make sure you can see the CMV vehicle in your rearview mirror before driving past.

· Don’t cut large vehicles: It takes a big truck driving at highway speeds the length of two football fields to stop.

· Do not tailgate: Tailgating a utility vehicle puts you in a blind spot.

In 2020, commercial trucks were involved in 5,640 collisions resulting in 101 deaths and 1,112 injuries.

Operation SafeDRIVE is coordinated with a nationwide campaign led by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation called “Our Roads, Our Safety,” which educates all motorists on how to share the road safely.

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