Piers Morgan regrets taking GMB by storm on Meghan Markle

Will Piers return to GMB? (Photo: Ken McKay / ITV / REX)

Piers Morgan has claimed he was asked to return to Good Morning Britain, months after he sensational quit the show due to his comments on Meghan Markle.

While not naming names, Piers claimed that a “ third party ” had contacted to see if he would consider a return to the network’s flagship program, which has yet to announce a permanent replacement for him.

He said The sun: “ As the Americans say, they have reached out – there have been approaches to testing the water as a result of their obvious scoring issues.

‘It makes me sad to see all the hard work we have done to beat the BBC in terms of viewership evaporate so quickly.

“It’s their problem with training… but never say never.

Piers left the show after saying he didn’t believe what the Duchess of Sussex said during her explosive TV interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

The Duchess said she was ignored when she raised concerns about her mental health and racist comments were made before her son Archie was born.

Piers Morgan Good Morning Britain.

He regrets leaving the set (Photo: ITV / REX)

It later emerged that Meghan had made a formal complaint to ITV about Morgan, with Ofcom receiving more than 40,000 complaints in the days following the criticism of Piers’ interview.

However, when asked about his infamous departure from the set after his on-air tiff with Alex Beresford, Piers admitted he regretted the moment.

Claiming that ITV “ offered no support ” in the middle of his departure, he said: “ I shouldn’t have left, however, I regret it. You can’t be the big advocate for free speech and then walk away when someone says something you don’t like.

Still optimistic, Piers believes he can push BBC Breakfast – GMB’s closest competitor – back in ratings, after more viewers on its last day tapped into the ITV show.

Still, he noted his doubt that anyone would be allowed to ‘do it that way’ again, adding that he had been ‘hired to give very strong and honest opinions’.

Piers noted he had a caveat when he returned – he wanted to produce as well as present, adding that he would ‘give it serious thought’ if he was allowed to ‘tear up’ and pick his team .

Which doesn’t bode well for popular presenter Alex whose on-air clash with Piers led the reporter to storm sensational scenes that made headlines around the world – and culminated in his resignation.

When asked who would be on his team, Piers replied, “ Well, a certain meteorologist definitely wouldn’t be there. . . ‘

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