Pizza, compost and nature / art combo

Wood-fired pizza is coming to Evergreen

Evergreen has a new pizzeria, although it will soon be much more than that.

Campfire Evergreen in the old Da Kind Soups building on Meadow Drive serves food cooked with, as owner Jared Leonard says, real fire. Currently the restaurant serves pizzas on its outdoor terrace which are ready in around 10 minutes.

Soon he will add barbecue and roast chicken.

This is the 10th restaurant for Leonard and his wife Amanda, who have lived in Evergreen for four years.

“This is where I live and I wanted to do something that was a passionate project,” he said. “When I saw this building, I knew it was perfect to handle the size of the restaurant I do.”

He envisions a children’s play area in the back and more as the restaurant continues to grow.

He explained that cooking over real fire adds character to food that you don’t get with other cooking methods. The restaurant will use local vegetables in season.

Evergreen gave the new restaurant a warm welcome, Leonard said.

Campfire was named one of The Denver Post’s “10 New Denver Area Restaurants To Start Your Summer Travel Wish”.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday. See the menu and more details at

It’s easy to compost with Purple Bucket

If you think food scraps composting is smelly and messy, Purple Bucket Compost in Bailey has news for you: it’s neither.

The family business that started in February offers composting options to residents and businesses along Corridor 285. If you’re willing to drive to one of the two composting sites, anyone in the buttresses are invited to get involved.

Corey and Amber McCool have a backyard farm at their home in Bailey where they compost, especially to get rid of the straw in their barn. Corey came up with the idea of ​​extending composting to a business.

“I have an idea and I tend to use it,” Corey said. “We had the support of our neighbors, and before we knew it, he had legs.”

Amber said she was worried about starting the business, thinking it would be smelly and messy, but was pleasantly surprised.

“Before we knew it, our whole family started doing it,” she said. “Now I’m in it. Its been good.”

Their children, Declan, 12, and Olivia, 9, are part of the business, washing buckets and stirring up compost piles.

Purple Bucket offers two options: a delivery service or a self-service option at its locations at the Kings Emporium in Conifer and the Bailey Feed Store. The McCools plan to provide customers with some of the compost once it is “baked,” as Corey said.

So far, the service has collected 2,200 pounds of compost which has been kept out of a landfill, a primary goal for the McCools.

The list of acceptable items is narrow to keep critters out of compost piles and to make the compost odorless, and the McCools provide lists of accepted and unacceptable items. For example, meat, animal waste, dairy products, fats, seeds and more are not allowed.

The buckets have airtight seals to prevent odors from escaping.

Why purple buckets?

“All of the other colors we looked at had been used to represent something before,” Corey said. “Red for biohazards, orange for Home Depot, green for recycling, and so on. Purple was readily available and meant nothing, and it’s eye-catching at the curb. Then we named (the company) accordingly so no one had to ask, “What is this compost company with the purple buckets called?” “”

Lien Nature offers
art, nature programs

What do you do when you have degrees in both ceramics and biological sciences?

You open The Nature Link, a combination of nature programs, art programs and nature / art programs for children and adults.

Owner Dina Baker, who some may know because she worked at the Evergreen Audubon Nature Center, has been on these types of programs, but now has a location in Kings Valley that has a pottery studio, a studio d general art and a gallery. . The space has been officially open for a week.

“There’s a lot going on here,” she explained. “It’s a mixture of my love of nature and art. I’m basically like a 5 year old giant and do all my favorite things.

She takes children and adults with her on her art / nature journeys, offering camps, nature walks, open workshops for adults, art classes, adult-to-child programs and more. She is looking for more instructors to be able to offer more courses.

The website,, lists offerings from The Nature Link.

“I start with the basics, then I build the programming,” she said.

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