Poll: Putin’s approval rating exceeds 80%


An opinion poll in Russia shows President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating jumped above 80% after the country invaded Ukraine.

Independent polling firm Levada Center interviewed 1,632 people ages 18 and older in person from March 24-30.

Eighty-three percent of them said they approved of Putin’s actions and 15 percent said they disagreed.

Last November, Putin’s approval rating had fallen to 63%. It gradually increased after Russia deployed troops near the border with Ukraine.

The rating stood at 71% in February, just before the start of the invasion.

The 12 percentage point rise over the past month pushed the figure above 80% for the first time in about four years.

When asked if they approved of Russia’s military action in Ukraine, 81% of respondents said they did while 14% said they disapproved.

By age group, 64% of people aged 55 or older said they strongly approved, compared to just 29% of those aged 24 or younger.

The Levada Center says the result shows that many people believe the propaganda created by the government.

The pollster adds that state television which broadcasts propaganda is the main source of information for rural dwellers and the elderly, while young people in urban areas get their news from social media.

The Levada Center was designated a foreign agent by the Putin administration in 2016.

Despite pressure from the government, the polling agency continues independent investigations and analyses.


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