Premier Cryptocurrency Security Ranking – Top 1,500 Projects Rated

  • Project Audit;
  • Bug bounty program;
  • Assurance;
  • Line-up;
  • Previous hacking cases.

“There are nearly 1.5K popular cryptocurrencies with >$2 million market capitalization. How to choose among all a project in which to invest? This causes real confusion among investors. CER 2.0 will simplify your choice. The rating will allow investors to choose only among secured projects. Projects that fail to meet even minimum security standards will be forced to choose between investing in security or exiting the market,” comments Kostiantyn Oleshko, product owner at

The rating is aimed at both individual investors and corporate players. The security score assigned to crypto projects will be integrated into their pages on CoinGecko. Before entering into cooperation with a project or establishing a partnership, a company will clearly see whether it is interacting with a reliable actor. The rating will prevent the flow of assets to unsecured projects.

The goal of CER 2.0 is to mitigate the scale of crime in the crypto world. In 2021, users lost $14 billion due to crypto crime. It is the cost of Top 7 most expensive stadiums in the world.

“The crypto industry has a huge amount of security work to do. Just under 10% of all audited projects meet the desired level of security, while only 1.2% of projects have all 3 components in place crucial security features (audit, bug bounty program, insurance). The rating may come as a shock to many investors,” CER 2.0 Brief Facts by Kostiantyn.

CER 2.0 is the logical continuation of the CER 1.0 security rating of crypto exchanges. These 2 ratings now cover all categories of the crypto market. CER 1.0 has already changed the cybersecurity landscape in the crypto exchange industry. The CER cybersecurity score is included in the trust score given by CoinGecko to crypto exchanges. The number of crypto exchanges with security audits and bug bounty programs doubled between 2020 and 2021. Crypto exchange mega hacks now happen very rarely.

Looking forward to seeing similar positive security transformations in the cryptocurrency market.

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