Qatar to host international conference of credit rating agencies in January


The State of Qatar will host the International Conference of Credit Rating Agencies on January 23, as part of a strategic partnership between the Qatar Association of Certified Public Accountants (QCPA) and the Global Compliance Institute (GCI). The conference will be held for the first time in Qatar and will see the participation of international credit rating agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings, Fitch Ratings and Capital Intelligence, as well as a number of international stock exchanges, including that of London Stock Exchange.
This conference attracts elite experts and specialists from the economic and financial sector to highlight the latest trends in investment and credit rating.
In a statement on the occasion, QCPA Chairman Dr. Hashim al-Sayed said the international conference of credit rating agencies is gaining importance in light of the financial, economic and geopolitical crises the world is going through, the supply chain crisis, the inflation crisis and the effects of the Covid-19 crisis.
In fact, countries seek to prove their solvency and investment capacity so that they can obtain funding from international bodies and institutions to prevent these crises and mitigate them with minimal losses and without disrupting the development process. , because companies or countries with good or high credit ratings can obtain financing in these circumstances with lower interest rates than their poorly rated counterparts.
In addition, al-Sayed explained that a high rating encourages international investors and lenders to subscribe strongly to the offer issued by these countries, as well as to create a climate of confidence in the country’s economy for capital. , thereby attracting new cash and investment flows, which in turn increases the value of its currency.
A credit rating or solvency is a score that shows these agencies’ assessment of a company’s or country’s ability to pay its debts. A low rating indicates the possibility that the debtor company or country may not be able to meet its obligations, while a high rating means that the debtor can meet all of its credit obligations on time and without any risk.
Al-Sayed added that the conference also aims to promote Qatar and highlight the strength of its economy and its dependence on solid foundations that protect it from change. It would also help the country achieve a high rating based on a set of factors; most notably the record high energy prices, growing demand for liquefied natural gas globally, in addition to high exports from the private sector, causing increased demand for its products in global markets, which leads to expand its projects and financing, positively reflecting the financial conditions, and the accumulated sovereign financial assets of the Qatar Investment Authority.
Therefore, the Qatari economy will be appreciated by all international institutions and bodies, enhancing its attractiveness for investment and consolidating its position as a regional center for foreign investment.


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