Take-out Chorley Fried Chicken Scores 1 Out Of 5 In Hygiene Inspection


Uppercrust Peri Peri & Fried Chicken in Eaves Lane were told improvements were needed after a food safety inspection on Monday March 28.

A report released by the Food Standards Agency said improvements were needed in hygienic food handling, including preparing, cooking, reheating, cooling and storing chicken.

He added that ‘major improvements’ were needed for the management of food safety, such as putting in place controls to ensure food sold or served is safe to eat and proof that staff know about safety eating.

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Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash

But after an inspection of the kitchen and facilities, the food safety manager was confident that the staff and management were doing a good job of keeping the takeaways clean.

The Council officer considered a number of key requirements – including proper ventilation, hand-washing facilities and pest control – and found standards to be ‘good’ throughout.

But in summary, the inspector concluded that Uppercrust Peri Peri & Fried Chicken needs to improve their standards before their next inspection.

Chorley Council was asked to provide the Food Safety Officer’s full report.

Uppercrust Peri Peri & Fried Chicken in Eaves Lane only got a 1 out of 5 rating after a recent hygiene inspection by Chorley Council

The takeout was approached for comment.

How do food safety inspectors judge a company?

Following a hygiene inspection, a business is rated from zero to five, with five representing very good premises and zero for those in need of urgent improvement.

Companies with low ratings need to make urgent or major improvements to hygiene standards.

A return visit will then take place at a later date to check whether the necessary improvements have been made.


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