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May 24, 2021, 6:03 PM · Who is preparing for the summer?

To kick off the summer travel season is coming in the delivery of one of my favorite motion to motion Benjamins podcast. Joe’s Shaul Sehy mass personal finance usually does, but habit he’s asking me to come in and talk about the travel – the theme parks – July him. You can not hear my word he will slow down to the masses on Joe’s website, The majority of podcasts where you can find links to subscribe by means of all the services.

Another got in the middle of summer’s USA Today, “10 best” lists for the theme park. I am happy to serve again as the five “experts” who submitted nominations this year as well, which you to pick alcohol.

For the sake of the thing caused is the majority of the vote in the category of the social instruments of the campaigns look away from me, and yet some things are they of whom This is the connection to participate in;

And finally, if only I know you can read my weekly column from the theme parks in the Group Medianews Orange County Register and other newspapers.

There’s a lot of great stuff happens at theme parks around the world this year, it will be kind of you who are not covering – not only here but also in many other insider exit the boy Park, about half of the landscape. As always, thank you for them.

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