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I start this presentation to Dr Ernst Trifon Jude with the words of his grandmother. They remain deep in his mind and will outline the way that I want to tell you today.

Born in Germany, in the family of a German father and mother-Bulgarian, in his early childhood he spent nine years in Sofia where his father was a teacher. Even after his return to the Motherland, he did not miss a year in which he would not return to Bulgaria.

After his retirement, Dr. Jude decided to part with his art collection for a number of charity initiatives. The last of them – selling graphics to support the orphanage of Father Ivan from Novi Han village. In my desire to introduce the audience to the essence of this event, I will share excerpts from my today’s conversation with Dr. Jude:

“I’ve always struggled alone, I have not inherited anything. Our family was usually a family. My father’s father was a suitcase carrier at the station. His mother cleaned up at home. I was fortunate to have met an architect who, as a teenager, was collecting old objects that were thrown out of Germany in those years. Why? Because after the war, people had other problems and did not pay attention to the things they inherited and left them on the street. And I said that if he, as an architect, had a thrill, then I could also collect. But I had no money – I was still a student. I felt that an object left in the street (something that can happen today) is of value to others. And not a small value.

Announcements of housing and sale exemptions were in the newspaper. Yes, but we were not subscribed. But the neighbor was. I was in the morning at 5, took the newspaper from the box to my neighbor, took out the addresses and turned it back. And I was leaving early on these ads because the first one won – “Abe, boy, take it, what! There a brand, two brands, five brands “- and began to collect. My father’s money did not give me money and went to the antique shop he bought from me and went back to the owners who sometimes gave me something.

One collector asked me what I was collecting – and he like me – that day. I responded in my way: “I take everything, I mostly take what other collectors do not deserve.”

Shortly after the changes in Germany, I noticed in a gallery a unique sculpture. The exhibition was from artists from East Germany and nothing prevented them from working for themselves without having a market. That is what sometimes admires me. Yesterday, I was with an artist and I ask him: “Okay, I work as a dentist just by order, and you work because it comes from inside and you do not know if someone will buy it or not.” That’s what makes me a jealousy. I know a lot of those who work because they are erupting from their souls.

And this sculpture, it cost a lot of money then! For so much money, I could buy the best Mercedes. This is a huge cross, fashionably made. And he took me! And I have to emphasize that I am not demented. I got chills! He seemed to talk! He was talking to me! And I skipped the shadow, as they say, and bought it without me. I did not even know where to put it. I wanted to own it so that no one else owned it. This is the collector’s disease! And what happened – it is very bulky, heavy, metal, yet transparent – someday I have to show it to you. We got him in a room in the cabinet, then he interfered with it and we put him in the garage, wrapping it with a blanket. And I’ve been in the garage for 10 years, wrapped like old iron.

Years later I realized that a German organization has made a clinic for the treatment of cancer patients in Gotse Delchev, where people are treated free of charge. In this hospital, they have invested millions of donations. In time, they noticed that their success was in place and started to build a center for disabled children. And seeing the drawings, I see a niche. They say to me:

“This is our chapel.
“But this is an ideal place for my cross.
– What cross?
“Come into the garage and show it to you!”

So I gave them to them. When they asked me about the story of the cross and who created it, then I started looking for the authors – I did not know them. I found them in two different addresses. The man did not answer me. The woman replied:

  – Mr. Jude, our family history is a very sad story, and in principle we do not share it with anyone. A disabled child was born to us and this separated us from my husband. This pain is shown in this cross, and I am very glad that he has fallen into this place. The circle is closed.

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Art does not ask “How much do you want to spend?”, And “How much do you want to invest?”. Because art is really an investment. And a moral investment. The real lover and collector of art is as enthralled by a beautiful woman. But the beautiful woman is gone. The painting remains. One must be a discoverer. Not to look at the catalogs and to call “yes, it’s worth money, let’s …”. No, no – she or she says something to you or not. The picture must be seen as a part not of interior, but of you. Because you see yourself in the picture.

My children have a relationship to art, but it is not so global that they say, “All that you own, we also want to own it.” It is not. Man builds his own collection. Here and there, they will love a picture. Everything else will come upon, which is cruel, on the battle, or they will call out a bitch and tell him: “How much do you give us because we have to free the room?”. And this is the best solution when I say – yes, they are my very kind and dear – I will give them as a donation. People buy them and the money goes where there is value this amount. And not to get them and buy a luxury car or spend them in a restaurant, because the quality of their champagne is over a thousand leva – that is, I have spent them well. Nonsense! But there are such cases. And people boast how much they spent in a restaurant. And at this moment I think of the most delicious – and now the leagues will run me – my grandmother’s meats with the most dry bread and the most ordinary cheese. “


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