We had dinner at Ramsgate’s worst hygiene chippy and I was very worried – Carmella Haswell

Our chip shops are the lifeblood of this incredible country and a great British delicacy.

The best time to explore the wonderful menu of one of Kent’s most fabulous chippies is by the sea or on a Friday night.

A trip to one of our charming coastal towns is truly complete when you have a can of cold coke and some good quality greasy crisps.

But it can all be ruined if you go to the wrong store with low hygiene ratings.

We decided to visit one of Ramsgate’s worst hygiene chippies to see if he was really as bad as the Food Standard Agency says and give him a fair and honest review.

Here’s what we thought of the Harbor Fish Bar in Ramsgate:

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Enter the store with caution

When it comes to ordering from your favorite chippy, everyone is different.

Personally, I like my chips to be smothered in salt and vinegar, because there just isn’t any other way.

But when it comes to finding a suitable match, do you get cod or chicken?

Like two peas in a pod, chicken is the best match for me, especially when it has that wonderful crispy skin and juicy meat.

As controversial as it may be, battered cod just doesn’t do it for me if I’m being honest.

So when I went to Ramsgate to see what their 1 * hygiene rated chippy really looked like, this is exactly what I ordered.

Cautiously entering the Harbor Fish Bar I noticed it was a bit run down.

Although it looked clean enough, it still wasn’t exactly welcoming or inviting.

Inside the Harbor Fish Bar it looked clean enough but it wasn’t very inviting or welcoming in any way

Not to mention that the outside of the store was covered with flimsy sheets of A4 paper that had a lunch offer printed on it – it just made it look messy.

But alas, we’re here to determine the quality of this Thanet chippy’s food.

When I ordered I was told it would only be seven to eight minutes, a perfectly respectable wait time.

So 20 minutes later, I finally received my food, although I wasn’t sure why it had taken so long, given that I was the only one in the shop at the time.

Sitting on a bench overlooking the Royal Ramsgate Marina, I nibbled on my chips

Our verdict

Grabbing my coke and bag of crisps, I got out and grabbed a bench on a bench that overlooked the beautiful Royal Ramsgate Marina.

Under the watchful eye of a local seagull, I crept in.

To my surprise, I was impressed with the chips, they were actually quite delicious.

But oddly enough, they had that hint of cod taste that worried me a bit – why does the crisps taste like fish?

My mind suddenly ventured to the possibility that they might have been manipulated with the same tools or cooked in the same deep fryer?

However, I was not sure whether this was the case or not and the Foods Standards Agency had not raised any such issues.

In fact, in its report, the agency said on the issue of “the hygienic handling of food, including preparation, cooking, reheating, cooling and storage” that the store was “generally satisfactory” in this regard. field.

Anyway, I was happy that I wasn’t allergic to fish.

As for the chicken, the skin was nice and crispy as I had hoped, but the meat itself was not the juicy kind, it was drier and full of endless disappointments.

Harbor Fish Bar didn’t live up to my first thoughts on the place, but the quality of the food didn’t meet my high standards.

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