Wolverhampton bar receives zero hygiene rating after baby rat discovered

WOLVERHAMPTON COPYRIGHT TIM STURGESS EXPRESS AND STAR……10/01/2022 Kazbar Bar and Grill, 13 Graiseley Row, Wolverhampton, 0 star hygiene rating….

The Kazbar Bar and Grill voluntarily closed its kitchen after spotting the baby rat in the storeroom, which inspectors said was “an imminent safety risk to members of the public consuming food produced”.

A food hygiene inspection on October 5, carried out the same day the rat was found, also discovered droppings in the storeroom, some of which was found on a mesh bag containing onions.

The inspector said: “Due to a rat running into the rear pantry and the physical presence of droppings suggesting that the rat had acquired a habit of running into the food pantry, you have decided to voluntarily close the kitchen on October 5, 2021, until the case had been resolved.

“After pest control work, cleaning and treatment, the kitchen was found to be free of pest activity and opened for business on October 8, 2021.

“As mentioned, due to rat activity, your star rating is very low. I appreciate that you have done some work and have now fixed this issue.

“Unfortunately, the star rating is assessed on the day of the unannounced inspection.”

The rat had entered the premises through a door with a 2cm gap at the sides, but was fitted with metal plates on October 5 to prevent further entry of vermin.

Pest protection has also been carried out on a door leading to the beer garden.

The inspector also reported concerns about a buildup of debris in areas where food was handled, prepared and stored, and these areas were later deep-cleaned while the premises were closed.

A sink provided for staff preparing food also did not provide hot water, meaning it did not meet the requirements for hand washing sinks.

Water buildup around the wash sink, which potentially accumulated due to leaky plumbing or a leaning roof, was raised as a concern as a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

Food was also stored next to tools and DIY materials, but was rectified while the premises were closed.

Kazbar Bar and Grill has been contacted for comment.


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