Wolverhampton takeaway receives zero hygiene rating after rat droppings found in stored food

Giggs Fish Bar, Hatley Drive, Wolverhampton. Photo: Google

The full report has been released for the Giggs Fish bar, in Hateley Drive, Wolverhampton, after it received the lowest possible score following a hygiene inspection on July 1.

The inspector found rat droppings in the outdoor shed where the bagged potatoes were stored, and no antibacterial cleaner/disinfectant was available on site to clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment.

The zero rating means “urgent improvement needed,” and now the full report has been released after a freedom of information request by the Express & Star.

The report said it was a complaint visit, with the inspector noting: “At the time of my visit, there was no Safer Food Better Business park or other documentation available or confirmed to be used by the employee on site.

“At the time of my visit, a food handler had found himself running the store without any training in food hygiene and safety issues relevant to his job.

“You are responsible for ensuring that all food handlers are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene.

“There has been no verification of foods cooked, kept warm or stored in refrigerated or frozen warehouses. You are required to ensure the safety of high-risk foods on site and you have not been able to You must obtain a thermometer to ensure these checks can be undertaken.

“The staff member did not have sufficient knowledge of allergen awareness and identification of the 14 allergens in the food served on site.

“You did not have a documented allergen management system in place. You need to ensure that you have assessed all allergenic ingredients that are handled and served on-site.

“No antibacterial cleaner/disinfectant was available on site to clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment. It is concerning that you are using the premises without performing basic cleaning and disinfection prior to trade days or during daytime.

“Rat droppings were found in the outside shed where bagged potatoes were stored. The bagged and undamaged potatoes were moved inside the premises.

“Remove fly tape in food prep rooms and above food prep tables. The presence of the tape poses a food safety risk as they are full and flies can dislodge and falling on surfaces/equipment/food below/adjacent.

“General cleaning of rear food preparation rooms was poor. Cleaning of appliances and equipment was poor.”

The company has been instructed to ensure that it undertakes all changes recommended to it as a result of the report and that they are legal requirements, and a re-visit will be carried out to verify compliance.

Surjit, the business owner, said, “I have made all the changes recommended by the inspector and am now awaiting another inspection to receive an updated rating.

“I have made all the changes and have also sent proof photos. I have been told that a further inspection will take place in the coming weeks.”


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