WWE reportedly dropped PG rating and reverted to TV-14


According to new information, some colossal changes could be coming to WWE Raw, but not for some time. The wrestling program first went from TV-PG to a TV-14 rating in 1997. However, over a decade ago, in July 2008, the TV program made the leap to change its rating from TV -14 to TV-PG once. Again.

It was recently reported in a since-deleted tweet from Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast that WWE Raw makes the executive decision to move its TV-PG classification to TV-14 the following Monday. Sharing the news via Twitter, Zarian wrote: “Starting July 18 WWE Raw will have a TV-14 rating going forward on the USA Network,” he added, “The PG era is over.”


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However, Zarian later clarified that this information was written in a note sent prematurely and the move was not finalized. In a previous tweet, he noted that this could still be a change coming at a later date. According to the TV Parental Guidelines, TV-14 programs fall under the following criteria, “contains material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14”. On the other hand, TV-PG programs are said to “contain material which parents may find unsuitable for young children”. Although the changes look slight, on screen they could be major.

A proposed change in the notation of WWE Raw may seem tiny, given that it is only moving up a notch on the scale, however, the program could find itself outlining major changes. For example, the violence depicted could illustrate a lot more bloodshed than it has had in the last decade, which has changed its demographics a lot. WWE programs generally target young children, but if violence escalates, parents may refrain from allowing their children to participate in the program, which WWE Raw the audience to change with his shiny new note.

However, a decision to change the rating of WWE Raw would be bold, but it’s one the company has done in the past. That being said, potentially changing things up could definitely bring new life and a flashback to the franchise and could just work in WWE Raw favor because it allows the program to reach a much wider audience.

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Source: Andrew Zarian|Twitter, 2


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