Yield Group Of Companies Obtains AA Rating From 2 International Rating Agencies




Yield Group of Companies has been rated by two reputable international agencies as low risk for working in the financial sector. DCC (Dubai Chamber of Commerce) rated Yield4Finance AA for services provided to clients, and DNB (Dun & Bradstreet) rated 1A

Thanks to the constant efforts of the Managing Director of Yield4Finance, Mr. Vipul Chadha, the company is achieving new successes every day. Credit ratings are essential for businesses to survive in a densely competitive market.

Moreover, Yield Group of Companies complies with ISO 9001 2015 standard to stay ahead of the market competition and is able to provide the most reliable services to its customers globally.

What is the credit rating?

A detailed analysis of the credit risks associated with the financial company and the financial instrument is known as credit rating. These ratings are primarily based on the company’s financial history of lending or borrowing creditworthiness. Various rating agencies release these ratings after analyzing different factors regarding the rated company.

According to Yield4Finance Vice President Javela Macalalad, the company has always protected its clients from market scams and fraud. Reliable credit scores are proof that Yield4Finance is ahead of its competitors in providing the best services to its customers in the most protective manner.

According to Yield4Finance’s AGM, Ms. Anna Perello says the company works in a sensitive trade finance market, where scams and fraud happen daily. Therefore, to protect these exchanges, they provide guarantees from reputable and regulated banks and institutions such as documentary credits (DLC), stand-by letters of credit (SBLC) and various types of guarantees. These guarantees provide buyers with safer transactions and more manageable cash flow.

Reliability is key to offering these types of financial instruments, and credit ratings allow companies to work transparently.

What are the benefits of a good credit rating?

Many financial firms often look for an improved credit rating, which clearly suggests its importance. After analyzing all financial statements, annual reports, news, and a deeper insight into the business, credit scores are assigned. Here are some examples of the importance of a credit score:

Financial institutions with higher credit ratings offer services like SBLC, bank guarantees and more at reliable lower interest rates.

A good credit rating improves the overall operation and services offered by financial firms. This encourages companies to provide even smoother and more authentic financial services.

An excellent credit rating from Yield4Finance allows investors to make a trustworthy investment decision, considering all financial risk factors.

How did Yield4Finance get the best credit ratings?

Yield Group of Companies is constantly working to revolutionize the global business scenario by providing tailored services. Premier services include SBLC, Bank Guarantees, Documentary Letter of Credit, etc.

The company has earned two renowned credit ratings from global rating agencies thanks to its proven track record of transparent business processes and customer-centric services. According to Yield4Finance President, Mr. Sanjeev Chadha, the mantra of success is to keep going. The company incorporates management with years of trading experience, with strong ties to trusted banks and financial institutions.

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